Is Billy Gene is Marketing legit? I spent $16,000 to find out.

I’m writing this today because when I tried to research other Billy Gene is Marketing reviews I found a disturbing pattern. Obviously I read through the company’s Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews, but I wanted to go a little deeper and see more in-depth feedback from people on Billy Gene is Marketing and their courses.

So is Billy Gene is Marketing a scam or is it legitimate? And most importantly, is it worth your money? I found 10 in-depth reviews from 3rd parties and honestly… I was extremely disappointed.

I’ll talk about that in a minute, but before I do I want to address something really important about buying a course from anybody.

Personality Clashes with Online Gurus

It doesn’t matter how much success someone else has had with any mentor or educator in the online course space. If your personalities don’t match, you’re not going to have a good relationship and you’re not going to have success because you two just don’t get along.

And that’s ok. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam, it just means it’s not the right opportunity for you.

Before I get into any of the reviews, I want to share the Billy Gene is Marketing core values with you. If you don’t vibe with even one of these, you’re not going to like his training no matter what the verdict is. So here they are:

  • Don’t make excuses, make it happen.
  • Everything is your fault.
  • Learn something new every day and apply it.
  • We are here to serve selflessly and with the highest integrity.
  • Positivity, high energy, and laughter is not an option: it’s a requirement.
  • Treat every person you interact with like family (that you like).
  • Tell the fucking truth all the fucking time.
  • Geneius is a synonym for world class. Operate like it in everything you do.
  • Speed and flexibility are our strengths. Embrace them with grace.
  • Don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box.
  • Be specific, be thorough, be profit producing.
  • Be organized, be clean, be prepared… as fuck.
  • Entertain, educate, execute… but more importantly, empower.

Yes, that’s right – there’s swearing in his core values. I want to tell you this up front: Billy Gene cusses all the time.

So if you’re the type that gets uncomfortable with that, or you think swearing is unprofessional and has absolutely no place in a business environment then I’m going to tell you right now: do not buy from Billy Gene.

Seriously, don’t do it. You’re not going to be happy with the courses. You’re going to be really uncomfortable the entire time because there’s a lot of cuss words in the courses and in his live trainings.

It’s not like every other word is an f bomb, but he does drop those sometimes. And it’s not like he uses them for shock value, they’re often just used as a natural part of his informal speaking style.

Most Billy Gene is Marketing Reviews Are Useless

I read (and watched) 10 different reviews and they all had the same 2 problems…

  • They either have an alternative to sell you, so they’re clearly biased or
  • They haven’t actually bought anything and have no real grounds for their review

And in some cases, both.

Bearded Reviews Video

The first review that I found was a guy on YouTube named Bearded Reviews and he decided to review Billy Gene is Marketing.

What really gets me about his review is that he hasn’t taken any of Billy Gene’s courses. If he didn’t buy anything, why on Earth is he making a 10-minute video reviewing his products?

In the beginning he’s explaining that Billy Gene gets online and makes really high quality videos. And this guy claims to be a videographer who knows good video.

Then all throughout the video he says things like, “I think, maybe, I guess, I assume…”And then he assumes it’s gonna suck and mentions that his courses “probably have shit quality videos.”

Even though he starts off the “review” by saying the video quality is amazing…

So which is it? Does Billy Gene have really high video quality, or are they shit quality?

What’s really annoying about this review is that he starts to give really bad business advice with absolutely no credentials. He says that it should be a red flag to you if you see something on Facebook that has the “ad” indicator next to it, because that probably means they’re trying to sell you something in an not so up-and-up way.

Immediately after warning people of “ads” he says they should just go boost their posts. But boosting a post makes it so that post as the “ad” indicator. If he really believes advertising of any kind is a scam, then is he seriously giving people advice to go scam others by advertising?

Advertising isn’t a scam. It’s literally a requirement for every single business. Without advertising of some kind, business never get any customers or make any sales and they can’t stay open.

A lot of people have told me that they don’t advertise, but then they turn around and tell me they go to networking events and they get referrals. Spoiler alert: both of those things are a type of advertising.

Every business has to, so the advice not to trust advertisements and to simply boost your Facebook posts is even more cringe to me than the fact that this guy is leaving a review for a program he hasn’t tried.

Honestly, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google are all pretty strict with their rules. If they catch scams they ban them quickly. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, so please exercise caution when making purchases online. But if someone has been on a platform advertising for years and years, chances are they’re legitimate – even if they aren’t the right opportunity for everyone.

And I didn’t really want to go here, but I feel it needs to be said.

Bearded Reviews mentions that “Billy Gene’s dad” made a video saying the program wasn’t a scam. I couldn’t find any videos by his dad, but I did find a review of Billy Gene is Marketing by Malcolm Morel that’s filled with comments of people saying that it’s Billy Gene’s dad and it’s not legitimate.

Fun fact: Billy Gene’s full name is Billy Gene Shaw the 3rd. So what do you think his dad’s name might be?

I don’t actually know Billy Gene’s dad, but my educated guess is that it’s probably Billy Gene Jr. and not Malcom Morel.

I don’t know if that’s the video Bearded Reviews was referring to because it was released a year after his video, but the whole thing feels really off. Black guy reviewing a black entrepreneur, therefore they must be related… isn’t that kinda racist?

Malcolm does give three reasons that Billy Gene is Marketing is a scam:

  1. If you’re a lazy business owner
  2. If you’re a lazy entrepreneur, or
  3. If you’re a lazy bitch

Those are his words, not mine – don’t shoot the messenger. But I do have to agree that if you aren’t willing to work hard then this program absolutely won’t work out for you.

There are plenty of simple systems out there, but none of them are easy. And the newer you are at marketing the harder it is. So if you aren’t willing to put in hard work and make mistakes and try again then don’t waste your money.’s Review

You can already tell by the name that the review of Billy Gene isn’t very trustworthy. They have something else to sell you so naturally their final recommendation is to buy from them instead.

Overall their feedback is that the Billy Gene is Marketing team has great ads and that the company is tried and tested.

But their cons are a little suspect.

One of them is that ranking your website organically is the best way to get customers.

As someone who sells SEO and is 100% biased, that’s total bullshit. Organic SEO is a long term strategy, and while I’m sure you’d love to get customers next quarter, if you need customers right now it’s not going to be of much use. Whereas with paid ads, you could turn on an ad today and have customers tomorrow.

They also claim that “not everyone uses social media” which is strange to me because it’s absolutely not true. Billions of people are on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube or some combination of all of those. Almost everyone is on social media.

There really isn’t one type of advertising that’s objectively better than others. There’s way too many variables to consider. And honestly, the more advertising you can do the better. More advertising = more customers = more income = more impact.

Do you think brands like Coke and Pepsi only focus on social media marketing and nothing else? No! They’re on TV and radio and they use product placement with influencers and social media ads and search engines… They advertise wherever they can as much as they can because that’s how businesses get to be that successful.

Obviously you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, so if you’re new to advertising focus on mastering one at a time.

They also mention that there are “hidden expenses” because you have to pay for ads. I’m not sure why that’s a con of the program, but it is true that if you’re going to advertise that’s a separate cost from the Billy Gene is Marketing program.

One other thing they mention is that Billy Gene is Marketing has an F with the BBB because “quite a few customers are unhappy.”

I found 6 customers that had a complaint in the last 3 years. 6 out of 180,000 customers really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me, but I understand that not everyone is satisfied and that’s important to make note of.

I don’t know why he gets a rating of F with 4 out of 5 stars and that few total complains, but that’s the BBB for you.

Honestly, in my opinion the BBB is bullshit. They used to be great at protecting consumers, but now they’re just a money grab. If a business goes and buys their accreditation, they’ll bury all the complaints and now they have an A+. So Billy Gene is Marketing could change their grade at any time with a little bit of money.

Overall, most of the BestLifeteimeIncome information is generic and of course they recommend their affiliate offer instead. So yeah, they recommend Billy Gene is Marketing, but I don’t really know why. I’m not 100% sure that they’ve actually taken any of these courses.’s Review

The next review I found was by and they say he’s not a scammer, but you should buy from them instead.

And according to their website he runs a Search Engine Marketing company in San Diego? Billy Gene is Marketing is based out of San Diego, but they don’t do or teach SEO or SEM of any kind as far as I know.

They better not – I don’t need to be competing as the best SEO company with someone like Billy Gene.

They give him a 6/10 because he’s pretty good but there’s not a guarantee that you’re gonna be successful. Which is true – it’s on you to make sure you’re following through and you’re doing the hard work.

Then they declare he’s legit right after they admit that they didn’t even buy the program.

I just find this so frustrating. I feel like they’re just clout chasing so that they can sell their stuff on Billy Gene’s back, and by searching reviews I’m obviously trying to figure out if his program’s worth it or not. But they hijack that and try to trick you into buying from them instead.

Overall their “pro” for the program is that “Billy Gene’s program works!” and the con is “but buy my stuff ‘cause mine’s better.”

This review is total garbage to me and it’s just really frustrating trying to figure out whether or not to buy a course from people who just have something else to sell you.

How To Entrepreneur’s Review

Next I went to to check out their review of the program.

Ultimately, they say that he has very compelling ads, that they really like his philosophies, that he is a highly credible instructor, that has great instructional content, and that he is very to the point.

And then the cons are that it’s pricey, there’s a no refund policy, and that customers are complaining about being billed when they try to cancel. But I’m suspicious if they even took the course because they say things like “customer reviews suggest that customers aren’t satisfied with the amount of content available.”

Are you satisfied with the amount of content available, or did you just read a couple reviews and make an assumption?

They also mention his language. Like I mentioned earlier, Billy says cuss words. So if swearing is offensive then pass on Billy Gene.

Ultimately their recommendation is to buy their affiliate product, The Wealthy Affiliate. Yet another clout chasing site with no merit ruining people’s ability to research.

Drew’s Review

Then I found They say that there’s not good content, that he’s really good at advertising and the stuff that he gives just isn’t groundbreaking.

But Drew says he can’t go through each of Billy Gene’s products because there’s too many of them.

There’s way too much content that you didn’t actually read that you’re just assuming isn’t good? Isn’t that just a testament to how comprehensive a marketing education you could get from Billy Gene is Marketing?

But ultimately, he doesn’t recommend Billy Gene because Drew thinks you should buy from him instead.

What really sucks about this review is that I know he would recommend Billy Gene’s programs if there was an affiliate program that he could profit from.’s Review

The next review is by and, SURPRISE! They have something to sell you!

They give you some pros and cons of Billy Gene is Marekting’s courses. He does great marketing, he does what he teaches, and he’s got straight-talk no-bullshit.

But there’s upsells, there’s hidden monthly expenses (I think they’re referring to ad spend?), they say it’s hard to cancel, it lacks some depth, and some people don’t like that he says cusses.

And ultimately, they decide that he’s not a scam.

But did you know what really gets me?

They haven’t purchased the program. They’re just clout chasing to sell their stuff.

It’s so frustrating as a consumer when I’m trying to figure out, should I or shouldn’t I buy this, and some asshole is just clout chasing and hijacking the conversation.

They haven’t tried it, and yet they feel entitled enough to leave a review and say, oh yeah don’t buy this, buy from me instead. I mean I haven’t actually taken it so I don’t know.

I’m trying to decide do I want this yes or no, and you haven’t taken the course, so why do you feel entitled to give me advice?

I’m so sick of seeing this same pattern over and over again.

The Daily SEM’s Review

Then there’s and they’re giving a review on a specific course, Clicks Into Customers 2.0 – which at this point is a couple years old.

They’ve also got that Michael Jackson reference in there…

Totally not relevant, but how absolutely sick of Michael Jackson references, do you think Billy Gene is Marketing is?

Chris Azzari gives you the pros and cons of that course in particular, and to his credit I think he might have actually taken it.

He says you get insights into what ads to run and that the video tutorials are entertaining.

But the negatives are that it’s hard work and they don’t emphasize that enough. Have I? Because running a business, online or off, is hard work.

He also says that there’s an overwhelming amount of information in the course, which is weird because some of the other reviews said there’s not really enough. But this guy is saying there’s so much it’s too much. Then he claims that it’s not unique.

In their final thoughts, they say the problem with the course is that it doesn’t guarantee you success.

First of all, I don’t think any company can legally make a guarantee like that.

But second of all, this guy has something called the Local Marketing Vault to sell us. I was curious, so I decided to check it out.

And what does their disclaimer at the bottom say?

Earnings and income representation are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. We have the benefit of doing this business model for 6 years and we IN NO WAY guarantee you will get similar results.

The Daily SEM’s disclaimer on their program that’s totally way better than Billy Gene is Marketing’s non-guaranteed program

So they’re saying, “oh I don’t know about Billy Gene’s course Clicks Into Customers 2.0 because they don’t guarantee your results. You should buy our stuff instead. By the way, we don’t guarantee your results.”

I just think that’s shady.

Earn From Your Laptop’s Review

Then I read’s review. So, do they think Billy Gene is Marketing is a scam?

Well just to be fully transparent with you, they have NO idea because they haven’t bought from him.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Billy Gene is Marketing or a student of Billy Gene myself and I do not endorse Billy Gene is Marketing in any way.

I’m getting really tired of seeing this over and over again. At this point, I don’t even care what you have to say if you haven’t actually tried it.

Generate Online Revenue’s Review

How about you, Surely you wouldn’t publish a review without actually having tried it first.

They’ve got “an honest take” on Billy Gene is Marketing’s programs according to their website. What do they have to say?

They talk about what they like about it: Billy knows a lot about paid advertising and he’s become very successful in the online world.

They talk about what they don’t like about it: the program has hidden expenses and upsells.

And then I found it. “And while I don’t exactly know what this program is or what it teaches…” because they haven’t bought it, but for some reason they’re reviewing it.

I’m over it. Next.

Set Affiliate Business’s review

The last one I read was at and they kept seeing his ads, and they were wondering what it’s all about.

And they’re still wondering because they’re not a member, and they’re not an affiliate. And all of the information they pass off to you is random stuff that they found online.

I hate this. I really hate that this is so prevalent online, because I guarantee you if Billy Gene is Marketing had an affiliate program, which he currently does not, every single one of these websites would have recommended him.

Because then they could have profited.

Giving these reviews, while having something else to sell you, and the majority of the time not even actually having taken the course that you’re trying to review…

I just feel like it’s so unethical and it’s so frustrating because when people search for reviews and feedback on these courses, they’re trying to figure out if this going to be worth it or not. And these people aren’t even qualified to answer that.

My Billy Gene is Marketing Review

Well, I’ve taken Billy Gene’s courses. I’ve spent over $16,000 on his courses and software.

I’m going to tell you from my personal experience what I’ve thought of his services.

And no, I don’t have something else to sell you because I don’t teach marketing, and yeah I actually tried the courses.

One of the only legit complaints I saw was about canceling. So I’ll tell you right now, if you buy an ongoing service and want to cancel you can go to and cancel your services. You can also go through the website to their help desk, but it’s not as memorable.

I love that vanity domain, it’s a brilliant marketing move.

I will say that the one-time purchases, like 30 Days of Geneius or the Legacy Bundle, doesn’t come with a refund. Because once you’ve seen the information you really can’t un-see it.

If that bothers you then don’t buy from Billy Gene.

Clicks Into Customers 2.0 Review

The very first thing that I did was I bought the Legacy Bundle and I took Clicks Into Customers 2.0.

I only did half of it. I got through the first half where he teaches you how to determine which product and service you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.

Once he got to the section on how to actually do it on Facebook I stopped because I didn’t need it anymore. I took that information that I learned and I applied it to SEO.

Before I bought Clicks Into Customers I was really good at tricking the algorithm. I know all the little data points that Google looks at and I know how to manipulate those in a way that it likes so that websites will show up on page 1.

But there was a big piece of the puzzle that I was missing, and that was the marketing part.

See it’s great if your website shows up in Google, but Google doesn’t buy from you – people do. And the first half of this course taught me how to talk to those humans.

Clicks into Customers taught me to figure out who am I selling to, what I need to say to them, and how I need to say it.

And as a result of taking this course, at the agency I was working with before, I actually increased click-through rates on my client’s websites by an average of 2%. As a result, our rankings went up and so did their sales.

Billy Gene really doesn’t teach SEO and that really wasn’t the point of this course, but that’s how I ended up using it, and I got significantly better at SEO thanks to Billy Gene.

That’s actually one of the problems that I have with a lot of people who say not to buy online courses. A lot of them claim you can go figure it out yourself, and that’s totally true.

You can teach yourself, but the information isn’t in one convenient location and getting there yourself takes years, as opposed to getting there with a mentor which could take months.

I taught myself SEO and I’ve been doing SEO for 14 years now, but until 2018 I could really only trick the algorithm because I only really understood that part of it.

It wasn’t until I got a mentor that I started to understand why what I was doing was working. And that really catapulted my success quickly.

Maybe I’m dumb, maybe I’m a slow learner, but the point is it takes a lot longer to teach yourself than it does to learn from someone who’s been there.

Sell Like a Geneius and Sales Geneius Weekly Reviews

I really like sales and I’m pretty good at sales, but I was kinda struggling at my agency. My close rate was lower than I wanted it to be so I took the Sell Like A Geneius course.

It had a lot of really solid tips that I had kind of already known from call centers that I had worked at prior. But it was a really nice reminder that got me to start applying those tips to that agency because they didn’t really teach me how to sell or close, it was just up to me to do whatever I thought would work.

If you own your own business, you’re in the same situation where it’s up to you to figure it out from scratch.

As an employee I had someone giving me a script, giving me common objections, and training me on all of that for up to 5 weeks before I even started working. So Sell Like A Geneius was really nice for me because it gave me good groundwork to how and why it works that I could apply to my own industry.

Then when Sales Geneius Weekly came out I knew I had to grab it for myself. My biggest regret with this one is missing out on the lifetime option for $49 and continuing to pay monthly.

30 Days of Geneius

Last year in April I bought 30 Days Of Geneius where Billy Gene says, “if I had no brand, no money, no nothing, here’s what I’d do to make money.”

At that time I had just established Alzina Marketing. I was freelancing for the agency I mentioned, but self employment taxes suck so I just wanted to set up an LLC so that I didn’t have to pay the government as much money.

It was really timely because it released in April and I had just started the business. So I joined that program for $100 – and I followed the methods exactly. I didn’t do anything different or special.

I watched the videos, I followed the prompts, and I did what he said to do.

And using those specific methods in April last year I made $8,000.

I paid $100, I made $8,000. I’ve never had an ROI like that.

As a disclaimer I did have experience with business already under my belt. But those methods in the course are accessible to everyone. So for me, I really think that one is 100% worth it.

Geneius Ad-Vantage Plus

(Previously School of Geneius, Previously C.A.M.P.)

I ended up buying the Geneius Ad-Vantage Plus.

It used to be called the School of Geneius, and before that it was called C.A.M.P.

This is where you get to be part of mentoring and you get access to the team. It allows me to schedule a time with somebody on Billy Gene’s team so that if I need help writing an ad, or if I need help putting a Facebook ad up, or if I need help optimizing something, I can just schedule a time and get one-to-one feedback and attention from them.

I got access to Geneius Ad-Vantage Plus a little over halfway through the year. Since I bought it in July of 2020 it was discounted to $3,500 as opposed to the full year price at $7,500.

I did make more than I spent. I brought in a lot more revenue than that.

At my last agency, one of their strategies for growth was to acquire companies. Well, they bought another IT company. Their company really focused on serving businesses, but the one they bought was mostly residential with some businesses.

I didn’t know how I could do some upsells for those clients because a residential customer is way different than a business customer and I had no idea how to segment them out.

On our weekly Ad-Vantage Plus call I spoke with Billy Gene and he advised me to make a survey. I created this survey so I could segment between business owners or residential customers, and what type of services they might need.

That in itself was really helpful because it did help segment out my two audiences. I was calling every single customer to welcome them to the new company, but also to try to soft upsell them to something small.

For residential customers that was just a $10/month antivirus, but I was really striking out even at that price point. I wasn’t really getting a lot of people saying yes. They were excited to talk to me and say hello and learn about us, but they didn’t want to buy my stuff.

The next week in the Ad-Vantage Plus call we talked about how to get people more emotionally attached to the sale. After that lesson I added a question to my survey. And when I was asking people how often they backed up their devices, I added a question right after that. “Do you save family photos and videos to your computer?”

After I started asking that question I started closing way, way higher. Out of the 200-ish residential people I had called already, maybe 10 of them had agreed to buy it. Of the next 150-ish residential people I called, I got 30 more sales.

Just by adding that simple question that I had learned to ask in the Ad-Vantage Plus.

And on top of that I did make some sales to businesses, I just really don’t know what the exact dollar amount ended up being. It was a lot more than the $3,500 that I spent, I know that! Unfortunately I lost that agency as a client so I just don’t have access to the information anymore.

Since it was so helpful in 2020, obviously I agreed to renew in 2021. Especially since I was really establishing my own agency fresh with no clients.

This year, the Ad-Vantage Plus has made me a return on my money and I’ll give the exact dollar figure in a second, but here’s something that I think people underestimate about these kinds of masterminds.

Part of having access to a mastermind group is having access to an elite network of people who are willing to invest thousands of dollars in their business. I’m a part of that group, I get to talk to everyone who’s bought it, and we start to know, like, and trust each other.

We get together every Tuesday on a group call. Since I sell B2B, that’s a new base of people I can sell to. And it’s not just any business owner, it’s one who’s willing to invest thousands of dollars.

As of April, thanks to Ad-Vantage Plus network connections alone, I have currently made $27,000.

So yes, to me it’s absolutely worth it.

So is Billy Gene legit? My recommendation

It’s definitely not a scam, but will it work for you?

Here’s the truth: I’ve been a business owner since 2007.

I haven’t always done a great job… I’m absolutely the type to fail forward and I failed a lot.

But that kind of experience gives me a huge advantage over newbies.

However, if you haven’t already owned a business for a few years and you’re super new to the online marketing world, I recommend 30 Days Of Geneius because that helps you get started from zero even if you don’t already have a business.

Additionally, I would recommend the Ad-Vantage. Not the $7500 Ad-Vantage Plus, just the regular Ad-Vantage. I think it’s $49 a month, or there are sometimes upsells to get lifetime access for $497.

We get together on Zoom calls every Tuesday. They’re very entertaining, easily the best zoom calls I’ve ever been to.

And Billy gives us a new ad template and he shows us how to set it up every single week.

We also go into breakout rooms so we get to talk to each other for about 5 to 10 minutes or so and we get to test out the template with each other and give each other feedback and advice.

So, I would recommend those two programs in combination because with 30 Days Of Geneius you have to find customers and you have to close the sale with customers. If you don’t have much experience the Ad-Vantage will help you get the skills that you need to do both of those things.

And the 30 Days Of Geneius teaches you those skills too, but of course the more practice you can get the better you’ll be.

If you have an established business and you’ve been in business for a little while and you’re really ready to work and really make it happen, that’s when I’d recommend getting the Ad-Vantage Plus.

It’s really nice because you get to sit down with an expert, someone on the Billy Gene is Marketing team, and get you one-on-one guidance and direct feedback. That’s absolutely invaluable.

Trust me, I tried to teach myself for 12 years and I went really, really, really slowly.

In the last two years, both my ability and my money has skyrocketed because I finally started investing in mentors to help get me to where I want to be a lot faster.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I really hope it was helpful for you, and I hope it helps you decide whether or not you actually want to commit to one of the Billy Gene is Marketing programs. If you have any thoughts or questions please comment below and lets talk about it!

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