My Unrealistic Business New Years Resolution for 2021

This year I have some aggressive goals for the business. I’m a badass business woman and I’m making my new years resolutions come true. The more people tell me my goals are unrealistic the more motivated I get to prove them wrong.

This year my business new years resolution is 10x more aggressive than last year: earn $1,000,000 in revenue. That’s $1 million in my second year of business, even though I barely hit 5 figures last year.

I totally failed my resolutions in 2020…

Alzina Marketing’s 2020 business new years resolutions fell short by a lot… It’s kind of embarrassing to admit how badly I failed.

I was aiming for $100,000 but I only made $19,000…

I was totally unrealistic.

Not in my first year revenue goal…

But in my expectations of what it would take.

I only hit 19% of my goal – that’s an F.

I’m disappointed in me too, Hermione-senpai.

And it was more than I deserved. Honestly, I gave it a part-time effort and expected full-time results.

Alzina Marketing was founded in February 2020, but I only worked on it part time through August and then took a job as an employee for the safer more reliable income: $40,000 a year.

Let me put that in perspective: I set an income goal of $100k then gladly accepted a job in August for 60% less than that at $40k/yr and thought that was better because it’s “more secure”.

Except then they let me go and I was suddenly making 0% of my goal.

I totally set myself up for failure. My resolution was just a wish.

I don’t believe in wishes. I refuse to rely on some magical outside influence to guide me to my goals.

Yet that’s what I did last year… I failed my resolution because I didn’t have an actual plan (even though I thought I did).

Make your business’s new years resolutions realistic

Make a plan! And be realistic.

Here’s what mine looks like:

This year I want to make $1,000,000…

That means I need to make $83,333.33 a month.

That’s $19,230.77 a week.

And realistically I want to take days off and have some vacations, so I’m only going to work 4 days a week.

That means I need to make $4,807.69 a day.

That’s where I stopped last year and lied to myself that I had a plan.

Me in 2020 thinking this was gonna be easy because I did some theoretical math

This year I’m going a lot deeper than that.

I charge $495 a page for technical SEO. My average client has 6 pages on their website. My average client pays me $2,970.

That means I need 337 total sales to hit my revenue goal.

That’s 28 sales a month. 6 sales a week. 1 and a half sales a day.

Looking at it like this already makes it more “realistic”. And personally 6 sales a week is a a much more manageable target than an abstract number to get to by the end of the year.

For every 10 people I talk to at least 1 is going to buy. Historically I can meet or beat that close ratio – and I’m always working on improving.

That means that if I want to earn $1 million I have to talk to 16 people a day, 4 days a week in 2021.

If I can get 1 in 10 people who sees my website to entertain me with a conversation, that means I need 162 people to see my website every day.

I’m an SEO company, so obviously I’m going to focus on getting my leads from search. And I know that first page results average a click through rate of 30%.

When I crunch the numbers, that means this website needs to show up in search an average of 9,353 times a month.

So when I make my website’s keyword strategy, I’ll make sure to target keywords that show up for at least 9,353 searches every month.

Because I know that means at least 162 a day will see my website.

Which means at least 16 will reach out for SEO.

Which means 1 (and a half) will buy from me.

And that is exactly how Alzina Marketing going to make $1,000,000.

Do you see how that plan is so much more realistic compared to last years?

Plan in 2020Plan in 2021
Earn $100,000 this yearTalk to 16 leads every day
Which one do you think is clearer and easier to follow?

Now instead of wondering where my next dollar is going to come from and chasing money, I can focus my time and energy on finding more people to talk to me about SEO.

I’ve helped my clients websites show up for a lot more searches than that.

Alzina Marketing is coming up in 2021.

What are your business new years resolutions?

If you’re like me and you go for your dreams instead of settling for what other people think you can do then comment your plan on this post so I can follow your journey through 2021.

And if you want more sales than last year, click here and lets talk about how SEO can get you more leads.

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